Paul Del Signore


Traversing the Intersections of Design & Technology

My name is Paul Del Signore, and I work as both a visual interactive designer and technology solution designer. My passion is to create the optimal user experience for authors and consumers of digital products.

I currently work for Pearson Education, where I manage and implement content management tools for high quality learning experiences. I work closely with Pearson businesses globally on providing strategies for asset management, workflows, and content distribution. 

As a freelancer, I design and create websites and applications for small businesses. I also partner with Agencies on providing designs for larger businesses. This gives me the hands-on opportunity to code (html, css and Javascript), as well as working with the latest front-end tools and frameworks. I am also proficient in using graphics apps via Adobe CC, Sketch, as well as many of the online wire-framing and prototyping tools.

My Career Bio

My career path started with a BFA degree at The School of Visual Arts where I studied Graphic design and the foundations of color and visual design theory. Right out of School, I started working as a composition artist for a premier design firm 'Frankfurt, Gips and Balkind' located in NYC. In that role, I specialized in photo editing as well as page layout.

In the mid 90's I worked as a graphic designer for Information Builders, a software and network solutions company in NYC, and during that time, I also went back to school to study video editing and photography at the NY School of Technology.

In the late 90's, I started working as a composition artist for the educational publisher Prentice Hall, and soon after, became a technology manager for the Publishing Processes department. It was there that I developed content solutions for simultaneous delivery to both print and digital. In that role, I won Pearson's innovation award and was selected to participate in Pearson's President association.

In 2010, I worked in Content Management Services for Pearson Education, where I implemented CM tools across North America School and Higher Education. This provided a single-source repository of content and assets for more efficient product creation.  In 2014, my role changed to a UX solution designer for global Pearson businesses.

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