Paul Del Signore

UX Solution Designer

Project: Ann Taylor


I was contracted by Phase 2 to do the design for the global Ann Taylor intranet site. The site was to be built on Drupal using the Open Atrium framework, and serve as a communication hub for all of the Ann Taylor employees and business associates. My role was to design a theme that captured the simplicity of the Ann Taylor brand, and design each of the separate Open Atrium components as they might appear in different contexts.


With use of a style guide, I provided designs for different components used in different responsive sizes. I created a style guide site in Drupal that allowed developers to review and monitor changes. In addition to page and component designs, I also designed more than 60 icons that were used as links to different site sections.

Because the final site is an intranet site that is not accessible publicly, the link below is a comp of the site design.