Paul Del Signore

UX Solution Designer

Project: Waterstone Marketing


Waterstone Marketing's goal was to design and build a beautifully simplistic responsive website that showcases a collection of luxury hotels and highlights special promotions. The site content must be intuitive for the marketing department to manage and easily update/add new hotels quickly. The content is also replicated in different locations on the site but must derive from one hotel content source. Additionally, the use of large photos must also account for good performance on smaller mobile devices.


Working with the full service agency Page2, I themed and built a responsive site using the Drupal content management system. This powerful framework allowed me to create custom content types that made it easy for the client to manage content. The client could input all of the specific hotel info in one location, and Drupal's powerful views module would push the content to selective locations on different pages.

Using Drupal's image modules, I was able to process uploaded photos ahead of time and make specific image sizes available for different device displays. Any image sizing and cropping is automated and the same photos are reused in multiple locations on the website in varying sizes. Features including sliders and lightbox effects are all touch enabled for any phone or tablet devices.

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