Online roulette, observing general principles

Gamblers adore online roulette for its exciting gameplay and high frequency. It has very simple rules, whereas free practicing perfectly demonstrates how wins can be hit and profits are generated. Free online roulette can be just as funs as a real money game and allows developing viable strategies, which establish a solid foundation for earning real money. Practicing playing online roulette is crucial to observe how strategies work and the way how risks can be managed. Players can use tips from experienced players and see how losses can be recovered as well as wins being fixed in a series of bets.

Where to practice roulette for free?

There are lots of highly respected online casinos that offer excellent facilities for spinning the wheel and playing online roulette for free. Those resources offer great software that is easy to use and which offers great visual effects. Here is the list:

  1. Vegas online casino;
  2. Ignition casino;
  3. Raging bull casino;
  4. Play Amo casino;
  5. Ozwin casino.

Players also free to choose any other website that provides free mode. There are thousands of such resources that can be found online and it is up to the player to look and choose exactly what is needed to them.

online roulette casino

Viable tips of how to win roulette

When people start to play roulette online there are several strategies that can be used that guarantee wins with very high probability. Roulette is the game of chance and it is all about risk and reward, so every gambler must be aware that every strategy will be used with the view of managing risks and turning profits out of series of numbers appear. Here is what players can use:

  • Doubling in a series of moves or the Fibonacci strategy when each next bet is greater than the previous one by two. It is a simple approach and it is up to the player for how many turns doubling can be executed;
  • Players can use the positive progression approach or Paroli. It means that after making a bet that results in the loss, the same amount is placed on any squire. In case of the win, the amount of money placed on the same squire is doubled. In the case of the other win, it is doubled even more. Players have to decide in advance for how many turns the bet will be doubled;
  • Negative progression approach is the opposite of Paroli and called Martingale. It means that in the case of a win nothing happens and the payer is free to place the next bet on any squire. In case of the loss, the recovery starts. Player double the amount of the bet being placed on the same squire and so on before win is hit and recover of losses inevitably happen in the progress;
  • Labouchere is exactly the same as Martingale but the player waits for sequences of rounds, e.g. 3-5 or any other amount. Then Martingale starts on the opposite e.g. even, even, even, so the next bet is made on odds, and in the case of the loss, doubling starts. It allows giving more room for doubling procedure.

Playing online roulette assumes that betting starts from the lowest amount that the player is prepared to lose. Usually, 1.5-3% is regarded as the ideal amount of money to put at risk from the beginning.

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